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A montage video is a 5-20 minute short video edited together in an entertaining fashion using still photos, music and/or video clips. Montage videos are not just for weddings. They are perfect for retirement parties and 20th, 25th or 50th anniversaries. A montage video can show a couple as they grow up and then meet each other, or it can illustrate a company's history and the key people in the company.

We painstakingly scan each photograph and digitally remove any dust and imperfections and then color correct any faded out pictures. Your video (pictures) will look as good as, or better than the originals, guaranteed. We then add music of your choice and titles and transitions between each picture. Our standard transition is a dissolve unless otherwise specified.

We produce all our montage videos on DVD with a start button. You can also have a large theatrical (90") screen, sound system, DVD player and projector set up at your event. Large screen projection must be reserved at least 2-3 weeks in advance.

Montage videos typically take 4 weeks to create, so please email us if you are interested well in advance of your event.

Extra DVD of montage video

Price: $15.00

Extra DVD of Montage.

Montage 60

Price: $195.00

This is an 8 minute video with 2 title screens and you can have up to 60 of your favorite photos along with 2 or 3 songs.

Includes 1 DVD copy.

Montage 90

Price: $245.00

For this 12 minute video you can have up to 4 title screens and 90 pictures and 4 songs of your choice.

Includes 2 DVD copies..

Montage 120

Price: $325.00

16 minute video and you can have 6 title screens,120 pictures and 6 songs of your choice, or you can have 10 video clips and 60 pictures.

Includes 3 DVD copies..

Add additional Photos to montage package

Price: $2.00

Add video clips to montage up to 2 minutes in length

Price: $6.00

Add titles to montage pictures

Price: $1.00
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